Southern Trips
Southern Trips: Ecotourism in the chilean Andes
Discovering Cochamo Valley
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Physical Demand: Low to Moderate
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Description:  Come to discover the wonderful area of La Junta, in the middle of the Andes mountains.
Far away from the pollution of the cities, we do try to protect the integrity of this place.

It is probably one of the charmest places of the lakes district, in Chile, with its granite mountains, its waterfalls and its songbirds.

That is why Pablo Neruda said: "Anyone who hasn't been in the Chilean forests doesn't know this planet..."
 $231.000 pax
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Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt Cochamo / Puerto Varas

Day 1: Cochamo Village- La Junta :
After explaining the details of the trip and introduce you to your most important companion of the trip, your horse, we leave Cochamo following the sea and the Cochamo river. 4hours on horseback in the native rainforest are necessary to reach the Bed & Breakfast where the culture mixes its international backpackers and climbers with the local cowboys coming in and out the valley. Dinner and night in the B&B.

Day 2: La Junta :
Take a long hike to one of the several peaks or a short walk to the shore of river pool for a long nap. In the afternoon, your guide will accompany you to the waterfalls-waterslides. Dinner and night in the B&B.

Day 3: La Junta- Cochamó Village :
We leave after a nice relaxing breakfast; once back on the saddles and inside the virgin forest, you will no doubt notice the hummingbirds or the “chucaos”. We have lunch at the Piedras river before riding a few more hours to Cochamó.

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